Compendium of the 23rd GCA papers

With great enthusiasm, we are delighted to share the Compendium of the 23rd GCA papers. These papers will also be presented at the 23rd Global Conference of Actuaries on February 13, 2024. This initiative signifies our dedicated commitment to fostering academic research in actuarial science.

In our pursuit of excellence, we take immense pride in featuring four outstanding papers from the 23rd Global Conference of Actuaries in the compendium. These papers encapsulate cutting-edge insights, innovative methodologies, and thought-provoking analyses that reflect the depth and breadth of actuarial research presented at the conference.

The 23rd Global Conference of Actuaries carries the theme “Data, Disruptions, and the Actuary” to which the papers serve as a good fit.

Kulin Patel’s research provides useful insights on design options for the new pension scheme and raises the level of stimulating debate on the old versus the new pension scheme. Devadeep Gupta presents the new realm of actuarial science as it stands at the cusp of artificial intelligence, machine learning and broader data science techniques. Mitali Chatterjee underscores the importance and impact of digital trust in the era of data surfeit and AI whilst inferring that higher digital trust can translate into greater insurance density. KS Sandra Mary’s paper investigates the impact of a prospect’s profession on insurance choices, particularly in health insurance.

We trust you will find the compendium useful, and look forward to your feedback. For feedback please write at