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17 – 19 February, 2020


Hotel Renaissance, Powai, Mumbai, India



Actuaries: Striving for excellence, creating sustainable future

The 21st GCA Organizing Group invites Expression of Interest (EOI) for papers/ presentations during the conference over two days: 18th and 19th February, 2020. The EOI has to be within the framework of recommendations of The Heerak Basu Report, hence it is advisable that this report is perused before submitting EOI.

Actuaries as well as other Professional can submit the EOI.

A: Introduction

The GCA organized annually since 1999 is a signature three-day event attracting stakeholders in the Insurance and financial sector, with an evening being devoted to Actuarial Gala Function and Awards (AGFA). The AGFA as well as GCA are organized in partnership with the Insurance and Pensions Industry, Consulting Organizations and other stakeholders in the event, called Partners.

The 21st GCA will be held over 17th -19th February, 2020, where actuaries and non-actuaries assemble in a global ambience to share thoughts and debate matters that affect the financial services industry in general and insurance industry in particular. Glimpses from past GCA’s are also available at

The event starts on the evening of 17th February, 2020 with Actuarial Gala Function and Awards (AGFA)followed by the 21st GCA Welcome Reception and Dinner along with two days’ of discussion and deliberation on various subjects of interest. It is a great opportunity to witness, partake and celebrate the recognition of young actuarial professionals and learn/contribute papers/presentations on subjects that impact the insurance, pensions and other financial services at the global level.

Theme: Actuaries: Striving for excellence, creating sustainable future

The Papers/Presentations around the above theme could be from anyone with knowledge and expertise in the subject of presentation.

The 21st GCA is expected to attract around 1,000 participants, the 20th GCA held in the year 2019 having crossed 750 participants.

B: The Papers/Presentations and Programmes

Given the association of the word “Sustainable” with the environment we look to have several papers on the subject to the environment and climate change. This will largely be for Non-life Insurance.

Aside from the environment, we can also look at various subjects in other fields such as:

  • Life/ General/ Health Insurance
    • Sustainability of premium rates,
    • Sustainability of guarantees,
    • Meeting changing customer needs,
    • Socially responsible investing,
    • Product design that influences policyholder behaviour which in turn contributes to a sustainable environment
    • Social insurance schemes e.g. PMFBY, RSBY, PMJJBY, PMSBY.
  • Climate Change: Protecting assets & livelihood
    • Understanding climate change, sustainability of assets: Insuring against vagaries of weather & catastrophe
    • Sustainability of livelihood: crop / weather insurance; Social / Community health insurance
  • Pensions
    • Sustainability of defined benefit design and provision,
    • Sustainability of defined benefit funding policy,
    • Sustainable incomes post-retirement,
    • Socially responsible investing.
  • Reinsurance
    • Sustainability of rates in India,
    • Insights into reinsurance capacity arising from climate change trends,
    • Enabling insurers to provide risk coverage and thus enabling a sustainable future.
  • Actuarial Profession: sustaining professional excellence in the context of changing demands
    • Aligning actuarial education, training and skill sets,
    • Curriculum,
    • Professional Development,
    • Statutory Roles,
    • Excellence in communication.
  • Regulation/ Regulatory Framework: Role of the regulator
    • Outcome/ principle-based regulation to Risk Based supervision,
    • Proportional supervision with greater emphasis on systematically important insurers,
    • Sustainability of social insurance schemes e.g. PMFBY, RSBY, PMJJBY, PMSBY,
    • Standardization / globalization of capital standards (similar to accounting standards),
    • Disclosures and customer education,
    • Market conduct supervision.
  • Outsourced actuarial services
    • Core knowledge for sustenance of services
    • Data and intellectual property related compliance for excellence in services
    • Best ethical practices for sustainability
    • Excellence in communication
Given the idea of “striving” we can give preference to papers written in report style over those in PowerPoint so as to give credence to the effort expended by the authors. Also we can look for papers that have conducted experimental studies over a long period to reinforce the idea of “striving” which implies efforts over a period of time. The focus on ‘experimental studies’ and ‘report-style writing’ also means that the GCA will have more academic speakers than in the past.

Aside from the Papers/Presentations submitted for selection, we would be inviting Papers/ Presentations on specific subjects too from eminent persons in the specific subjects.

The Papers/Presentations may be based on Research work published or un-published but should not be an exact repeat of any presentation/s already done in any other forum or in earlier GCAs.

The Programme structure is not final yet, however the earlier Programmes can be viewed at;

In case of any enquiry or clarification please contact us at

Liyaquat Khan
Chair – 21st GCA & AGFA 2020 Organizing Group

C: Paper/Presentation Submission process & timelines

The presentations shall constitute property of the IAI though having personal (of the Author/presenter) responsibility for the content and views expressed will be published on the 21st GCA website at a later date. By submitting the slides to the 21st GCA, presenters will be deemed to have given permission to publish their presentations.

All submissions have to be made through Online Submission System.

Appendix I: Time lines


Expression of Interest


 1st Nov, 2019 Friday- 29th Nov, 2019 Friday


Submit the following online:



1. Biography (Appendix II)



2. Summary outline of presentation (Appendix III)



3. Detailed outline of the presentation (either in traditional text format or in presentation format) (Appendix III)



4. Refer Guidelines for paper submission (if Any) (Appendix IV)

Paper acceptance

By 6 Dec, 2019 (Friday)

Accepted presenters will be notified and a presentation template will be provided

 First draft submission

 By 20th Dec, 2019 (Friday)

Draft presentation to be submitted for review in the prescribed format. Comments will be provided based on the review by Reviewers within 4 days’ time from date of submission.

  Final submission

 By 15th Jan, 2020 (Tuesday)

Final presentation to be submitted in standard PPT format of 21st GCA

  Meeting of Contributors

 On 17th February, 2020 (Monday)

Accepted presenters will be required to attend a briefing meeting at the Renaissance Hotel, the Conference Venue.

Appendix ll: Biography

Insert Photo Full Name :
Position held in your organization:
Professional Title such as FIA, FIAI, FSA, FCA etc.
  Name of your Organisation:
  Current Country of Residence:
  Actuarial Association (If member of any Institute):

Work Experience:

Outline of your background and relevant work experience (in maximum of 50 words).
 Recent public presentation Details of presentations made in conferences during the last say five years.
Contact Details Email:

Appendix III: Summary outline of presentation

Area Presentation information
Title of presentation Add the title of presentation.
Core discipline Please specify the core discipline, this should be one of the Eleven Core Disciplines specified under Para B.
Summary  of presentation Brief outline of the topic including the linkage to the 21st GCA theme in not more than 50 words.
Detailed outline of presentation Detailed outline of the presentation. This could be either in text format or presentation format which could be attached.
Time span of presentation Typical presentation session will be 20-30 mts and there may be maximum one or two presenters in a session.
Co-speaker (if any) The presentation can be by maximum of two persons, even though if there is paper, the same might have been written by more than two authors, The details of co presenter is to be submitted (Appendix II )
D: Note for the presenters
  • EOI must be submitted in English, via the Online Submission System E-mail submission will NOT be accepted.
  • EOI will be selected based on their merit,quality and appropriateness to the THEME of Conference.
  • All the speakers selected/ through Call for papers needs to register for the Conference.
Last date to submit expression of Interest: 20 December, 2019; Friday, 5 PM